What all mums can learn from the Game of Thrones

Think Jon Snow and the Game of Thrones gang know nothing about parenting? Think again. We’ve rounded up some great parenting advice all mums can learn from the women (and men) of Westeros.

Warning – this post contains spoilers.

Mother knows best

game of thrones catelyn

Catelyn Stark told her son Robb not to marry Talisa. He didn’t listen.

And what happened? If the Red Wedding episode taught us anything it’s that you should always, always, always listen to your mum.

Don’t spoil your children

Game of thrones Joffrey

Or they might turn out like Joffrey.

Don’t play favourites

game of thrones twyin

Catelyn was never ashamed to admit her least favourite family member was Jon Snow. And Tywin Lannister wasn’t afraid to let the entire kingdom know he preferred Jamie over Tyrion. While Jamie bedded his sister, lost his hand and gallivanted around Westeros, little brother Tyrion remained by his father’s side. But, in the end, there is only so much favouritism one can take.

The bottom line? Love all your children, regardless of their flaws.

Teach your children how to stick up for themselves

Game of thrones arya

Because they just might end up in a situation like Arya Stark. Sure, they may never have to wander Westeros in the company of the Hound with nothing but a coin and a sword in their pockets, but having the ability to stand up for what’s right and stay strong, even in the worst of times, is something all parents need to teach their daughters and their sons.

Parenting a teenager can be tricky at the best of times

game of thrones drogon
Teenagers can be stubborn, demanding and rebellious. And teenage dragons are even worse. Just ask Daenerys Targaryen. It breaks her heart (and ours) when she loses control of her once-sweet baby dragons and is forced to chain them up. But sometimes kids need to be grounded, especially after they do something wrong.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way

game of thrones gilly

Gilly is one of the youngest mums on the show and when she gives birth to her son, the odds are definitely against her. But she accepts help and turns to someone she trusts to get her out of an awful situation. And now she’s living at Castle Black with a group of young men, including Jon Snow. So things worked out well.

In good times and bad, family always comes first

game of thrones family first

Remember the few episodes when the Starks were the perfect family? They laughed together; they travelled together; they watched out for one another.

And then Joffrey happened.

Life can throw some pretty horrifying curve balls. But we’re hoping that the remaining Starks eventually come together and all is right in the Seven Kingdoms again. The Northerners will rise again – right? Right?

And, finally, at the end of a really bad day, wine makes everything better

Game of thrones Cersei

Just ask Cersei Lannister. Cersei’s my favourite – sure, she’s manipulative and vindictive, but she is also a dedicated mum who is struggling to keep control of her three children (obviously she failed with one). And you really have to feel for her. Her main coping mechanisms appear to be drinking red wine and smirking at anyone who looks her way.

Hey, whatever helps get you through the day.

If watching Jon Snow take dips in a waterfall isn’t enough to keep you glued to the HBO series, now you can say you are catching up on the drama to improve your parenting skills. What parenting lessons has Game of Thrones taught you?

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