Mum’s brilliant “milestone cards” celebrate premmie babies’ progress

Miracle mumma premmie milestone cards

When this new mum was navigating the challenging early days of parenthood with a premature baby, a helpful and creative idea was percolating within.

Long hours in the NICU

Adelaide mum Amy Purling gave birth to son James a whopping ten weeks before his due date. James then spent five long weeks getting extra-special care from the good folk at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

As other premmie families will know, a shaky, early start means that every little bit of progress is a triumph.

Amy was careful to record every little shift towards “full term”, taking nothing for granted and capturing James’ special moments for posterity.


He’s come so far

Marking the long hours spent in NICU by journaling her thoughts and documenting James’ growth and gains paid dividends in lots of different ways.

For instance, it was during these long stretches that Amy’s brilliant idea for Miracle Mumma was hatched!

“Our little miracle, James, was born prematurely at 30 weeks gestation. During his stay in hospital, I used photos and a journal to document his development, capture his milestones and keep our family and friends up to date on his progress. Celebrating these precious moments helped me heal and gave me strength in a tough time.”

Amy’s journalling habit ensured she was primed to recognise and document James’ progress. She wanted to make it easier for other parents to do the same. Thus, the clever mum invented these gorgeous milestone cards, specifically designed to celebrate the gains that premmie babies make.

Milestones like “I had my first drops of milk today”, “I was brave for my operation today”, “I moved into an open cot today” and “I am now wire free” are prettily printed on the cards.

Mums, dads, nannies or NICU staff can pop the card next to the milestone-hitting bub, snap a photo and create an album-worthy memory to treasure down the track.


Celebrating difference

Amy’s also working on another premmie-specific project – a premature baby scrapbook.

She says traditional baby books allow for the usual full-term baby ages and stages, and that she wanted to create something that allowed for premmie babies’ development.

“[When] James came home from hospital, and I started using a baby book to document his progress each month. I quickly realised his milestones weren’t the same as a full term baby, and he was reaching them at different ages. I wanted to document his corrected age, his weight gain, and the things that made his journey different. And so the idea of the premature baby scrapbook was born.”

Creative champ

We absolutely love the way Amy thinks (and creates!)

Her premmie journaling tools are not only gorgeous, they give parents of early babies a creative way to record their children’s development, confirming that progress is being made – and their beautiful babies deserve to be celebrated.

Brilliant job, Amy!


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