Mummy Honey breastfeeding shirts – a fix for sticky situations

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As a first-time mum, I remember how nervous I was about breastfeeding my son in public. I would always sprint for the nearest parents’ room as soon as he started squawking for a feed. Now, with a toddler and preschooler in tow, the parents’ room is the last place you’ll find me when it comes time to feed my new baby while out and about. So it’s lucky I’m no longer shy when it comes to the whole breastfeeding-in-public thing.

But if I was, I think I would be reaching for a Mummy Honey Breastfeeding Shirt. The classically styled shirt lets mums feed their infants discreetly via invisible zippers cleverly hidden in the front seams under each pocket. Mums don’t have to worry about exposing their less-than-taut post-partum tummies to the world. And there’s no struggling to keep muslins or wraps hitched across a shoulder and over baby’s head. Hmmm, perhaps I could use one after all.

Modest mums everywhere can thank Melbourne mother-of-two Jennifer Spreckley for the shirts. She designed them to counter the disapproving and embarrassed looks she herself got when breastfeeding in public. Now expecting her third child, the gorgeous Jennifer – pictured here in one of her own designs – is working on a new shirt that will flatter and fit pregnant tums.

Mummy Honey breastfeeding shirts are priced from $89 and come in white or black with long or short sleeves. You can order direct from Mummy Honey, with delivery anywhere in Australia for less than $8.

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