Mum’s description of her child’s chicken nugget dinner will leave you in stitches

Haters gonna hate. And mummy shamers are gonna shame, especially when it comes to what other parents are feeding their kids. But what this mum did in defence of her toddler’s meal choice is too funny for words.

If you’ve ever wanted to tell a judgemental person to eat it, then this is all you need to read today.

We’ve all succumbed to feeding our kids takeaway meals every now and then. They are easy. They are inexpensive, mostly. And, the kids actually eat them! And sometimes that’s all that matters.

American author Bunmi Laditan manages to spin this classic yet unhealthy children’s meal into something straight out of the Healthy Food Guide.

Her recent Facebook post, which includes an image of a cardboard box of takeaway chicken nuggets and chips is served with a side of sass and satire as she describes the contents to all the haters out there.

She starts by explaining that the standard chicken nuggets are in fact, “organic, free-range, rescue chickens who communicated to me in chicken language that they wanted to die to nourish my children.”

And the greasy fries are actually, “rutabaga spears from my garden lightly fried in peanut oil from my peanut grove.”

Bunmi even mocks the craft-loving-television-haters out there, suggesting, “The box was a craft I did with my children this afternoon while I was being mindful with them in our television-free living room.”

And, while the cardboard box may look covered with grease, she explains the stains are actually, “tears of joy from my toddler.”

Oh, but it gets better. When one commenter asks, “What about the white Styrofoam looking cup?” Bumni replies, “That’s a reclaimed cup that I found in our city’s landfill this morning and gently washed with vinegar and Castile soap. It contains a broccoli and hemp seed medley (dessert).”

Perhaps the very best thing about Bunmi’s parody post is that she uses the most clichéd hashtag known to social media to end it. We all know the one: #blessed.

As you can imagine, the post has been a massive hit with parents around the world with over 65,000 shares and 105,000 likes in just one day. And it’s not just the post that will leave you in tears – try reading some of the 18,000 odd comments as well.


pizza fb

Thanks Bunmi for the laugh and for sharing this #blessed moment in parenting imperfection. I will never feel guilty about feeding my children chicken nuggets and chips again!

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