Mum-to-be zookeeper helps you track pregnancy in totally wild style

Pregnant zookeeper's maternity photos

Columbus Zoo animal programs specialist Jennifer Dew knew exactly how she wanted to track her baby’s growth. The mum-to-be compared her bump to the animals in her charge, matching the cute creatures weight-for-weight with her growing baby!

Creature calendar

Luckily she’s documenting her pregnancy on Instagram, teaching us more about our animal friends in the process and drawing attention to the work that Columbus Zoo does with these fluffy, feathery, scaly critters!

Jen’s also providing a much cuter alternative to the usual baby-as-fruit default, admitting to Huffington Post that she wasn’t really inspired by those comparisons.

“So many fruits vary in size as individuals,” she said. “I’ve seen small pomegranates and big pomegranates.”

We understand her ambivalence and applaud her revised approach. Wouldn’t you like to know your growing bub is the same size as a naughty bush baby?! That’s way more entertaining than the alternative swede comparison!

Jen said it wasn’t always easy to get the animals to pose alongside her bump, but she had some pretty nifty tricks up her sleeve.

“Po the Bushbaby is very busy. Because of this my friend had to smear baby food (one of her favorite treats) on my stomach so we could get her to sit still long enough for the picture. It was one of the more elaborate photo shoots,” Jen remembers.

We think the results are outstanding and the effort was totally worth it! Take a peek and see…

19 weeks

Jen Stone Dew Instagram pregnancy photo


22 weeks

jen stone dew pregnancy photos


23 weeks

jen stone dew pregnancy photos


24 weeks

jen stone dew pregnancy photos


26 weeks

jen stone dew pregnancy photos

27 weeks

jen stone dew pregnancy photos

28 weeks

jen stone dew pregnancy photos

29 weeks

jen stowe dew pregnancy photos

31 weeks

jen stone dew pregnancy photos

33 weeks

jen stone dew pregnancy photos


You can follow the rest of Jen’s pregnancy, including help from her animal friends, on her Instagram account.

We’re excited to see which wild and wonderful pals pop up before her December due date!


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