Freaked-out woman who found dead fish in car is every single parent we know

Fish in woman's car

A woman found a dead fish in her car and she was surprised, but parents across the globe found it unremarkable and possibly even light-weight. #StillFunnyBut!


So I lost my debit card after going to Taco Bell last night and I was looking for it in my car this morning. But I didn'…

Posted by Zola Cheyenne Hayes on Sunday, 30 July 2017

“You know what I found?”

Zola Cheyenne Hayes shared her harrowing experience in a Facebook update (above). She explained that a missing debit card led the the dead fish encounter that seems to have scarred her for life.

“So I lost my debit card after going to Taco Bell last night and I was looking for it in my car this morning. But I didn’t find it. You know what I found? A fish. A f*cking fish. In my passenger seat cushions. A FISH.”

Zola initially didn’t realise what she had to contend with and when she DID realise, she freaked the eff-darn-heck out.

“I thought it was a leaf and I touched it and it was a fish what the f*ck?” she screamed (in the kind of way you can scream on Facebook – in capital letters.)

“Picture is the fish,” she further clarified, in apparent disbelief.

“I have my doors locked”

Considering her upsetting discovery, Zola’s blood ran cold. Then she was overcome with confusion.

“How did the fish even get in there? I have my doors locked. I haven’t been to a lake since I got this car. How the fuck did a fish get into my car?”

Foul play was the only explanation.

“Who just puts a dried fish in someone else’s car?” Zola raged. It’s hardly a horse head in your bed, but we understand her concern.

“I’m so irrationally angry, RN,” she elaborated, screaming internally.

In an effort to calm herself the eff down, she personalised the experience (and the fish).

“I named him Grant.”

Fishy business

The post has gone wildly viral, as close to 60 000 people commented lame theories (“maybe the car was previously flooded?” Good one, genius) and tagged their friends (“Loretta, this would so happen to you!”) in a fishy frenzy. Someone even tagged animal advocacy group PETA underneath the update (#eyeroll).

Any parent reading this story will be familiar with the discovery of horrifying objects in inexplicable places.

Poo. Old bananas. Fermenting juice packs. Poo.

A dried fish in between car cushions may even be at the more acceptable end of the spectrum.

What’s the worst discovery you’ve made in your car (or elsewhere) thanks to your kiddos?

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