‘Why are you so tired?’ – mum uses a selfie stick to document her day

Have you ever been asked what you do all day?

A mum in Russia was tired of her friends questioning her daily activities so she decided to document them. Using a selfie-stick, she captures some of her moments spent taking care of her daughters. These are the unglamorous, unedited and undoubtedly most sincere photos that all mums will easily relate to.

Yuliya Skorobogatova is a young mum to two girls, one of which is still an infant. Tired of people assuming she does nothing all day, she set up an unfiltered photo series of what her day-to-day life is like as a stay-at-home-mum. She submitted the photos to Bored Panda and we were blown away by how accurate (and honest) they are.

Welcome to the real life of being a mum.

selfie stick mum 14

Yuliya starts by explaining that sometimes her days start at 9am; others at 5am.

selfie stick mum 8

“My days all look the same, like twin brothers and sisters,” the Russian-speaking mum explains.

selfie stick mum 2

After a quick feed, it’s on to the daily activities, including going the toilet with an audience.

selfie stick mum 10

Showering is also a family affair.

Yuliya cheekily writes, “Vasilisa is concerned about my hygiene, so the bathroom door is always open for her to check if I use enough soap.”

selfie stick mum 13

And getting ready for the day also requires intense supervision.

selfie stick mum 4

And, let’s not forget doing the cooking, which is also a two-person job. One mum to cook and clean. And one baby to throw pasta on the floor.

selfie stick mum 6

Yuliya admits that her daughter, Vasilisa, loves their trips to the parks where the young mum eagerly awaits the “useful tips and tricks on upbringing, healthcare and nutrition from well-read mums. More advanced mommies are always there”.

Yes, they always are.

selfie stick mum 12

After a quick trip to the shops to stock up on baby essentials, it’s back home to start on the daily chores.

selfie stick 15

This includes ensuring that her eldest daughter stays up to date on the latest hair trend.

selfie stick mum 11

Ironing clothes is always more fun with a little one watching you.

selfie stick mum 7

Brushing teeth is also a joyous occasion.

selfie stick mum 5

As is getting dressed.

selfie stick mum 3

And there is never a dull moment during meals.

selfie stick mum 9

But perhaps the best part of the day with your little one is all the play time.

Yuliya’s tongue-in-cheek series may not be glamorous. but it is real and we adore her for it. The make-up-free mum tells it exactly how it is.

Sure, parenting is all about messy moments, dual trips to the toilet and days that often blend together, but the little moments make it all worthwhile. Check out an equally accurate photo series about what stay-at-home mums do all day as well as our favourite mum selfies.

(via Bored Panda)

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