Mum unexpectedly births baby in just a few seconds… in the toilet!

Mum holding hands in heart shape over her belly

In one of the most efficient births we’ve heard of to date, a US mum got up to go to the bathroom one evening and was surprised when her baby appeared – in the toilet bowl.

Quiet evening in

Crystal Beaumont–Delong was two days out from her due date, and had not experienced any contractions or pre-labour signs.

It had apparently not even crossed her mind just how imminent her baby’s arrival might be.

The very pregnant mama was at home with her own mum, on what seemed like a regular cosy evening, when she headed off to the bathroom on what she thought would be a routine visit.

Soggy surprise

Crystal was about to find out that there was nothing regular about this trip at all! No sooner had she settled in, than her baby decided the time was ripe to enter the world.

“I just felt like I had to go to the washroom and my body just started pushing and contracting on its own and out she came,” the surprised and delighted mum told CTV News.

Crystal’s mum said the baby arrived before she even had time to dial emergency services. The mum-to-be literally screamed and a baby appeared.

“She screamed. She basically went ‘ow’ and I kind of saw something. I wasn’t sure what.”

“I went to go get the phone and hit 911 but I didn’t have enough time to hit dial, and there [was a] baby girl. We just had to grab her,” new nanna Tina Beaumont–Delong recalls.

New beginning

Crystal’s “labour” and birth went off without a hitch, attending paramedic Rochelle Moreira revealed. She said it was heartening to witness special moments like this.

“We see a lot of death in our career and being able to be there first for a start of life is also amazing,” she said.

Baby Miranda is apparently thriving, none the worse for her speedy (and slightly soggy) entrance into the world.

Congratulations to Crystal and family on their new baby girl!



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