Mum of two says “Don’t baby-proof” and people aren’t happy about it

Blogger Abby Plested

When this mum revealed she wouldn’t be baby-proofing her home to keep her baby – and her possessions – safe, people had a lot of feelings about it!

Quel surprise!

Auckland-based creative Abby Plested blogs at Honey We Are More – and has a beautiful and busy Instagram account too. 

She recently spoke to Stuff.Co.Nz about her almost non-existent approach to baby-proofing the gorgeous home she shares with her husband Daniel, and it’s raised the eyebrows and ire of many easily-outraged world wide web folk.

Abby’s mum to 3-year-old Houston and 3-month-old Goldie. She was chatting to Stuff about her favourite things about her home, delicious snacks and other general nice-life things. When questioned on her best baby-proofing hack, Abby said “Don’t baby proof. Let them learn and they won’t do it again.”

That’s the bit that people got snotty about, but further investigation reveals an affection for teaching moments and natural consequences, rather than putting kids in harm’s way or letting them dangle themselves out the window.

Teaching moments

Safety is still considered at Abby’s place, despite what the outraged pack seem to think. Abby says she checks mirrors, cupboards and shelves to ensure everything is properly secured and safe, but generally her home’s look and feel are dictated by her own preferences. 

Abby doesn’t prescribe to creating a purely child-focused environment. She wants her house to look grown-up cute too and is working at striking a balance.

Explaining her approach to the Daily Mail, Abby said vigilance and a little bit of boundary-testing works best for them.

“I have never put baby gates up in my home or stairs because I think it’s important for the baby to learn boundaries without these.”

“Yes it means you have to watch your baby more but you are most likely doing that anyway. For example I have cactus in my house and Houston touched it once and he will never go near them again. Trust me,” Abby said.

Sticky fingers

Abby told Stuff that some furniture choices are made with children in mind.

“I would love a glass dining table, but it’s just not practical with two young kids. All the stickiness and fingerprints would actually make it look far worse than its potential to look good.” 

Abby encouraged parents to forge their own approach when it comes to making their home feel cosy and welcoming, after kids.

“Everyone is different and parents have different lifestyles but I think that sometimes we can change our whole house style to suit kids but maybe it’s possible for them to be built into that style,’ she told the Daily Mail.

Did you completely baby-proof your house or are you teaching your kids a look-don’t-touch approach?

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