Mum-of-two designs parenting comics that deliver the goods

Have kids between the ages of two and five? Then you need these “crappy pictures” in your life. Yes, the drawings may leave most graphic designers cringing at their computers, but the captions will leave all parents laughing out loud.

Most bloggers use this amazing thing called stock photography to add a visual element to their blog posts and articles. But, Hurrah for Gin blogger, Katie Kirby could never find what she wanted from stock images to showcase her daily frustrations of dealing with her two children. So she decided to create the pictures herself.

Yes, they are awkward. Yes, they are stick figures. And, best of all, she even admits she uses “good ol’ Microsoft Paint” to create her cartoons. Microsoft Paint people. But it’s this simplicity and her hilarious accuracy that makes them so sensational.

So, welcome to your life mums and dads. In crappy comic form.

That time when you decided to decorate the Christmas tree…

And gave up on life.

crappy comics2

That time your child was hungry…

And dinner did not cut it.

crappy comics11

That time you had the flu…

And then remembered you’re a mum.

crappy comics9

That time you actually put in an effort for Halloween…

And regretted it immediately.

crappy comics8

That time you tried to be a good mum…

But realised that wine wins.

crappy comics1

That time when you bought the kids an advent calendar…

And actually expected it to last more than a day.

crappy comics4

crappy comics5

That time you tried to use reason to determine what your child would like to do…

And then remembered you have a toddler.

crappy comics3

That time you tried to have a conversation with your toddler…

And discovered how much you despised the word “Mummy”.

crappy comics12

That time you realised that your kids will never stop driving you crazy…

And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

crappy comics6

As a mum with a three-year-old and a five-year-old, I just have to give a massive cudos to Katie for creating something so identifiable. Hurrah for Katie. Hurrah for Gin. And hurrah for wine.

Need more funny parenting comics in your life? Here’s one all parents will love, another great one just for pregnant mummas and an equally awesome one for those who are breastfeeding.

(via Hurrah for Gin)


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