Mum of twins was about to be kicked off flight when a mum stepped in to help

sharing care on flight

When a mum of tiny twins was facing removal from her flight due to overcrowding, another mum stepped in to save the day – and make sure both families got where they needed to be.

Kind stranger

The Love What Matters Facebook page shared the story over the weekend, and it’s the sort of “kind stranger” tale that’s guaranteed to warm hearts. The storyteller was catching a domestic flight when she noticed a hairy parenting situation, swiftly and selflessly solved by another thoughtful passenger.

“This restored my faith in humanity,” the Love What Matters traveller wrote.

She explained that the twins’ mum was flying with her babies on her own, and had taken a car seat on board the plane. Twin mum was planning to hold one baby and strap the other into the seat. So far, so good.

Crowded flight

However, the crowded – possibly overbooked – nature of the flight meant that her plans went straight out the window.

Any “excess” hand luggage – including the mum’s car seat – was removed and put in the cargo hold. This left the mum holding both babies, an unsafe situation quickly flagged by the cabin crew, the poster explains.

“A gate worker took this woman’s car seat, meaning she would now have to hold both babies since they weren’t old enough to sit up on their own in a seat. When she sat down on the plane, a flight attendant immediately told her she couldn’t hold both babies, and would have to leave the flight.”

It takes a village

It’s not clear if the woman had purchased a seat for the car seat or not, but regardless she was in a spot of bother and someone super-kind stepped in.

“A mother sitting in front of me, with permission from the [twins’] mother, volunteered to hold one of her babies for the entire flight. Keep in mind this was a flight that was supposed to be a quick 45 minutes. We ended up sitting on the tarmac for 2 1/2 hours!”

The super-kind stranger committed fully to the task at hand, dedicating herself to the baby twin’s comfort and happiness, even though she was travelling with a child of her own. She hung in there for the entire flight!

“Without a complaint this woman fed the other woman’s baby and burped him. Her own daughter started crying. This mom, so calmly, went on to explain to her young daughter that ‘our job is to help other people. This mom is all by herself with no help, and really needs another mom to help.’ She then went on to hold him, sing him songs, and then he slept the entire flight without even a cry.”


"Well, yesterday's supposed-to-be easy day of travel turned into an incredibly long day of travel home. This restored my…

Posted by Love What Matters on Friday, 10 March 2017


The long haul

Commenters on the post shared their own stories of strangers coming to the rescue on various stressful journeys.

I had a similar experience. I was traveling last week alone with my 3 month old and she had trouble with her ears/teeth. She screamed and cried for 30 minutes straight and a woman asked is she could help by rocking her, that she had 3 daughters. Another passenger offered to help by holding her and another called to me as I walked the aisle, “we’ve been there so many times. You’re doing a great job!” I got teary -eyed being the recipient of such compassion,” one wrote.

“In January, I flew from Virginia Beach to LA with my 12 month old. She was fussy and wouldn’t sleep and just wanted to get down and run around. We were in the window seat and an older woman from Taiwan sat next to us. She didn’t speak a word of English but knew that I had almost had enough. She motioned to me asking if she could hold my daughter and rocked her, played with her, sang to her. I will never ever forget her kindness! Although we couldn’t speak to one another, I felt so much love and gratitude toward her!!” Another said.

The story-teller confirmed what we all felt reading this, that the fastest way to feel great is to do something great for someone else!

“Moral of the story is when you see people needing help, do the right thing and help them,” the poster wrote.


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