The baby sleep graph all new mums need to see (it will give you hope!)

Struggling parents of newborns – there is light at the end of tunnel and we’ve got the data to prove it! A mum has tracked her baby’s sleep and feeds for 14 months proving that even though it seems impossible in the early months, babies do become more predictable and easier.

Desperate for a routine

Newborns are super cute but they’re also tricky little monkeys. And if you’re new to this parenting gig it can sometimes be a living hell as you struggle through no sleep and all the constant feeding, with no idea of what your baby is going to do next.

It was exactly this experience which led the wife of reddit user jitney86 to start keeping track of what their little one was actually doing.

“My wife started collecting data after 3 months because we were going crazy due to the lack of predictability that comes with having a newborn. We found it helpful and just kept going,” posted jitney86 a few days ago on Reddit.

A visual graph of the baby’s breastfeed and sleep patterns over 14 months

A pattern emerges

The mother recorded all of her baby’s breastfeeds and sleeps from the age of three months to 17 – a whopping 14 months in total. Now that’s impressive.

“Each column is 1 day and each row is a 15 minute block of time. Data was collected by my wife in excel. Plotting was also done in excel just using auto cell formatting,”  jitney86 stated on reddit.

What they could then clearly see from their graph was crazy lines in the beginning (just like their life at that point), and then a nice solid pattern emerging. Thinking it might help other parents out there who are struggling, they then decided to share on Reddit, and thank goodness for that! 

The graph of hope

Receiving over 600 comments already, the big data reveal has new parents everywhere breathing a collective sigh of relief. Says (we assume bleary-eyed) Reddit user, thedirectar:

“As a first time dad to a 4 month old, I’m looking forward to that sweet, sweet sleep consistency. Never has a graph filled me with such hope.”

Another sleep deprived parent on reddit, feistybritches, is also very grateful for the positive news:

“As the breastfeeding mother of a 4 month-old who is teething (I think…??), I wholeheartedly agree!! This graph is truly inspirational! Soon… Soon I will sleep…”

See?! There is hope after all. So hang in there new parents, your bub will find their groove soon enough!

Did you struggle in the first few months with your baby?


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