New mum taking a bullet for her wounded partner is the “definition of strong”

Summer Clyburn and baby

This photo of a 22-year-old mother walking the hospital corridors, with a bullet in her back and a baby in her arms, is a sobering example at what “taking a bullet” for someone you love really, truly means.

If this isn't the definition of a strong woman then idk what is. Took a bullet to the back by a rifle to save someone…

Posted by Lauren Stradling on Monday, 2 October 2017

Human shield

The woman in the photo, Summer Clyburn, covered fiancé Michael Gracia’s body with her own after the 24-year-old was shot in the head by gunman Stephen Paddock during the Las Vegas mass shooting on Sunday night.

Summer then sustained a gunshot wound to her shoulder, as she lay on the ground, terrified, shielding a gravely injured Michael from further gunfire. The pair were at a country music festival – without their baby girl – when disaster struck. The Telegraph reports that Michael – a police officer – is currently in a “critical but stable condition” after undergoing successful neurosurgery. 

Mikey Garcia and Summer Clyburn

Maintaining a vigil

Summer – who is obviously very lucky to be alive in the wake of this shocking attack – is currently dealing with her own injury, maintaining a vigil at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Centre where Michael’s being treated and caring for the pair’s daughter.

“If this isn’t the definition of a strong woman, I don’t know what is,” Summer’s friend Lauren Harkins confirmed, posting this compelling photo of her friend, carrying her 3-month-old daughter through the hospital corridor to Facebook.

“Took a bullet”

Lauren says the image perfectly captures what a resilient, brave and caring woman her injured friend is.

“Summer took a bullet to the back by a rifle to save someone else’s life and is still going strong for her baby and love of her life. She took the bullet for her fiancé. He was shot in his left temple and he told her to run and instead she took off her flannel and wrapped his wound,” Lauren explained via the Love What Matters Facebook page (below).

“She was putting another layer over him when she was then shot in her back. And to be clear she was shot by a rifle,” Lauren posted. “Her fiancé is doing better and improving, we will find out more today. He’s a fighter.”

A long road

The injury Summer sustained sounds like it will have long-lasting physical consequences, not to mention the emotional trauma of recovering from such a horrifying event, Lauren explained as she expressed her awe at her incredibly brave friend’s strength.

“That bullet is shattered inside of her and unable to be removed. Summer Clyburn I admire you more than you’ll ever know.”

We send this young family our love and prayers, and hope they recover quickly and as fully as possible. Friends and family have set up a Go Fund Me page to support them in their recovery.

"If this isn't the definition of a strong woman, I don't know what is. Summer took a bullet to the back by a rifle to…

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Deadliest shooting in US history

Summer’s family’s is one terrifying story amongst hundreds, as lives were changed forever on Sunday night.

Doctors at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Centre reportedly worked 20 hour shifts to cope with those injured after lone gunman 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on concert-goers from his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Over 50 people were killed and more than 500 were injured by gunfire from the vast arsenal of weapons Paddock had assembled in his room.

Paddock killed himself before he could be apprehended and a motive for the attack is as yet, unknown.

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