Mum slammed for allowing daughter to ‘breastfeed’ her baby doll

We all know children mimic what they see, but when a mum shared photos of her daughter pretending to breastfeed her baby doll, she never imagined the abuse she would cop.

The unknown US mum posted the adorable photos of her two-year-old, Charlotte, with the words, “you know you’re a breastfeeding mother when you look over in the middle of the store to your toddler saying ‘baby cry, baby just wants eat’”.

She woke the next morning to friends wondering if the post was a personal attack on them.

Another woman took it further by posting a screen grab of the original post with some very hateful words.

“I just saw some of the nastiest sh** of my life,” the post started. “If you’re okay with your daughter lifting up her shirt and putting her baby dolls mouth to her little ‘dots’ pretending to breastfeed then I personally think you need punched in the damn face!!! It’s just simply not okay!!! Arguments welcome. I’m willing to shut y’all down today.”

The shocked mum expressed her hurt at the woman’s attack to the Facebook support page Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

“The breastfeeding shaming starts before they even start really breastfeeding!,” she wrote.”

She goes on to explain she is still breastfeeding Charlotte but formula fed her son, Bentley, 5.

“I am open to both, both are equally wonderful,” she wrote.

“I would LOVE to know how it is ‘the nastiest sh** of her life’.

“Breastfeeding is something that is natural and IS normal. A baby putting a bottle to its dolls mouth, they are feeding their baby doll, correct? There’s no difference.

“I do not feel the need to correct Charlotte because breastfeeding is wrong? She said her baby wanted to eat, so she fed her. Charlotte says she wants to eat, in public or not, I nurse.

“Charlotte also pretends to do her makeup, my son pretends to work on his vehicles and fix things from watching his father. Isn’t that how it is? Your child mimicking NORMAL daily behavior?”

When the mum finished by asking how many other children mimic breastfeeding with their dolls, many responded with words of support and some even included photos.


Kristen Baker posted a photo of her son and urged the mum not to correct her daughter.

“Like you said, her baby was hungry, she fed her baby,” Kirsten writes.

“Absolutely nothing wrong with that!! This is my son feeding his giraffe! And I don’t stop him even tho (sic) he’s a boy and technically can never breastfeed. It’s just the only way he knows a baby is fed!”


“My three-year-old, who was breastfed until a little after her second birthday. She was feeding her babies while I fed her baby sister. She also has bottles for her babies. And uses my scarves to wear her babies,” Kira Leach posted.


Ashley Sicard writes, “my son breastfeeds his baby Anna. The day I took this picture, he said to me ‘we can’t go yet, my Anna is still eating’, which I frequently say to him when I’m nursing my youngest… it blows my mind that my four-year-old gets it and grown adults cannot”.

toddler breastfeeding toy

And Gina Paponetti was also moved to show a picture of her own daughter feeding a toy.

“My daughter nurses her babies A LOT and I never even bat an eyelash. I nurse her little brother, so why wouldn’t she think that’s normal?”, she writes.

child breastfeeding doll

But the last word must go to Crystal Posadas, who wrote this of her daughter, pictured above tenderly “feeding” her doll.

“Totally normal! Catch this one feeding her babies often and you know what I always think. Someday far down the road she will be a great momma,” Crystal writes.

(images via Facebook)

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