Mum shares the tricks to getting baby to sleep for eight hours a night – by eight weeks old

You think you’re prepared for anything that comes your way when you have a baby. But it’s the sleep thing – or lack of – that will get the better of you every time. Apparently there’s a trick or two to getting your baby to sleep through the night – and this mum thinks she knows how.

Florida mum-of-two Karen Kirsner created a sleep training strategy, a mix and match of well-known sleep training methods, that she says will get newborns to sleep for eight hours straight.

After trying everything, and failing, to get her son Sammy to sleep through the night, Karen came up with her own formula. She says Sammy slept through the night at seven weeks old and her second son, Adam, slept through at only six weeks old.

karen kirsner

So confident her success is no fluke, Karen has self-published a book, The Baby ‘Fast to Sleep’ Formula, that she hopes will help bedraggled mums worldwide finally get the shut-eye they deserve.

Karen spent 12 years caring for children of all ages as a babysitter and camp counsellor. Her book soon shot to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list.

“I really wanted to be able to sleep at night,” Karen tells Yahoo Parenting. “Through trial and error, I realised that the best thing was putting (my kids) on both a feeding and sleeping schedule. It really helps if they’re full.”

The secret also involves “progressive watching”, where you don’t rush in when your baby cries. Just waiting a little before going in if you know bub isn’t hungry or has a dirty nappy, she says. “Instead of just jumping up the second your baby starts to cry, wait 30 seconds,” she advises. “They just may have some gas.”

By rushing in at every peep, “sometimes you’re creating a need and they get used to it,” Karen says. “They think, ‘I make a noise and they come running’.”

baby sleeping

The author’s strategy involves stretching out the time between going in to comfort a crying baby and also between feeds, little by little. “It can be as little as five minutes or half an hour, depending on your child because every child is different,” she says. “It’s slowly but surely.”

Karen says that parents who follow the book with their newborn can expect their baby to sleep eight hours at night by the time they’re eight weeks old.

“I’ve had parents who did this with older babies who were struggling for months, and I’ve had people get results within two weeks,” Karen says.

(via Yahoo Parenting)

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