Mum shares emotional Dear Midwife letter: “You are amazing”

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A grateful mum has penned a heartfelt letter to the midwife who helped birth her baby, and it beautifully captures how we feel about the amazing folk who guide our babies into the world.

“Such a huge role”

Wylie Diaries blogger Sian Wylie is currently living in the US, but when her first baby, Belle, was born she was London-based.

It was only when she set about the difficult task of trying to secure an American midwife-assisted birth for her second bub, that it dawned on her just how formative her first birth had been.

Her gratitude for midwives ‘everyday’ kindnesses and care prompted the blog post that’s resonated with parents across the globe.

“You are an incredible woman who did the most incredible thing and I never got the opportunity to really thank you. There really wasn’t anything unusual or extraordinary about the birth of my daughter. As far as births go it was really straightforward and simple and considering the number of babies that you deliver, I doubt that you can even remember it,” Sian wrote in her ‘Dear Midwife’ letter.

“What I really can’t get my head around though is that you played such a huge role in our lives, helping get our daughter safely and peacefully into my arms, but you do that all day, everyday at work.”

Missed opportunity

Not only did Sian covet a similar birth in the states, she realised she needed to let her original midwife know the important role she played in her family’s life.

“You came and checked that we were all okay and congratulated us, but then you were gone. Your shift was over and someone else was there. I wasn’t ‘with it’ enough to notice at the time but I had missed my opportunity to really thank you for being my midwife. One of the most significant people in my life and I don’t even remember your name,” Sian wrote.



Connection please

Sian’s letter has not only helped her express her thanks to the woman who helped deliver her baby in 2015, it’s helped to reconnect her to the lady in question too.

Sian posted some photos of the birth and a plea to readers to help her track down the birthing centre staff in the shots.

“I would love to trace my midwife so that I can properly thank her now that I am not high on birth. I only have these photos, but she was working at UCH in London on the 24th August 2015 in the Birth Centre. It is a long shot but if anyone happens to know either of them then please do get in touch with me! I want them to know how flipping great they really are,” Sian wrote.


It seems that Sian’s request was not such a long shot, after all. A tweet to the University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and an Instagram post set off a chain of events and her midwife was quickly traced.

“I cannot believe it… I found my midwife! I have just had the most lovely email from her and I am SO glad that I finally got to thank her. Social media is amazing,” Sian posted on her Facebook page, confirming that she had indeed reconnected with the inspiration for her thank you letter.

Commenters on social media joined the quest to track her down.

“I’ve just read your blog post, I think this midwife is called Lydia Schorah. I used to work with her, you can find her on Facebook,” Instagram user LauraGrace_88 posted.

“Well done @lydia_rosex!!!! This is so rewarding and satisfying! Our job is truly amazing and it’s lovely when people appreciate it, and knowing will never forget us,” another user confirmed.

The little things

Lost-then-found London midwife Lydia Schorah told Buzzfeed’s Laura Silver that Sian’s letter had a big impact on her.

“It’s quite often that you’ll get a card in the post, or when parents leave hospital, or sometimes even six months down the line, but Sian’s is definitely the most overwhelming thank you I’ve ever received. I still read the post now, and her words were so lovely and it makes you realise why you do what you do, and that the little things you do really make a difference,” Lydia said.

It’s so refreshing to see a heartfelt letter of gratitude, when so often it’s complaints that commandeer the spotlight.

And even more heartening to see the genuinely appreciative conversations Sian’s letter has sparked about super-skilled, marvellous midwives.

Follow Sian’s blog Wylie Diaries here.

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