Mum remedies popular for families as cold and flu season continues to bite

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Spring is about to spring at us but the colds will continue, leaving parents frustrated with the best way to make like Taylor Swift and ‘shake it off’. A survey of 1000 Australians shows that despite warmer temperatures, families are still affected by colds and an estimated third of Aussies are unsure how best to treat them.

The research reveals more than a quarter of us rely on treatments our mother or family used when we were little. After doctors, our own mums remain the next call for advice on treating colds and flu.

Who else still whips up a hot lemon drink with a scoop of honey when you’re feeling under the weather? Thanks mum!

The fourth annual Vicks Global Cold and Flu Survey also highlights the negative effects of cold and flu on families, with half saying that family outings have been impacted and a third have had no choice but to take time off work. The survey shows that the sniffles last for an average of six days, but we take time off for just half of this. Spare a thought for the mums who don’t get any time off at all!

Some tips on how to deal with cold and flu in your family:

Prevention is better than cure.

Reduce the spread of cold and flu germs at home by using anti-bacterial wipes on high-touch areas such as mobile phones and remote controls. Don’t forget to pop a bottle of hand sanitiser in your nappy bag and when drying your hands, use paper hand towels to help stop the spread of germs further.

Boost your families’ immune system, making it more difficult for cold viruses to strike.

This is especially relevant for pregnant women and new mums, who may be even more susceptible to colds and flu. Make sure you get a full eight hours of sleep every night, so your body has a chance to repair and recharge. According to the survey, more than two thirds (68%) of Australians struggle to sleep with a cold, so take the time to catch up. Fresh is best so eating lots of healthy fruits and vegetables is another great way to improve your immunity.

If a cold or flu does strike – make sure you have some remedies on hand.

There’s no cure for the common cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Chicken soup is a tried and true remedy that helps to loosen mucus while also help keeping ill ones hydrated. Try mixing a bowl of warm water with Vicks VapoRub to relieve a stuffy nose, or apply directly to your chest and back before you hit the hay. For children it can be helpful to have a nice warm bath or a massage with Vicks Baby Balsam.

What are your best tips for dealing with a cold or flu?

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