Mum’s post on what it REALLY means to be a mother – for the days she forgets

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Being a mum is a constant juggling act of different tasks and roles, and when we’re living the daily chaos it’s rare to sit back and reflect on how much we do. But sometimes we need the reminder, and so one mum has done just that with a heartfelt Facebook post describing exactly what it means to be a mother.

A mother’s work is never done

Blogger and mother of four, Adrian Wood from Tales of an Educated Debutante, certainly has a lot on her plate. After all, so do most mums. We spend all day and night ‘mothering’ – but what exactly does this mean? In a post last week on Facebook entitled ‘Motherhood,’ Adrian managed to sum it up perfectly with her poetically written list of all that she does as a mother over just one day. Heartfelt and real, it’s no wonder that other women have responded in droves to the piece.

Mothers begin

I had a nightmare that woke me and I rose to make my coffee. Mothers begin,” is the start of Adrian’s post.

Putting breakfast out, packing lunches, looking for and listening to lost text book woes is next on the agenda (all while making sure her exhausted husband doesn’t get woken up) – a familiar morning flurry of activity for many other busy mums.

And then it’s on to the rest of the day.

Mother here, there and everywhere

I drove everyone to school and forced myself to go to the grocery store. Mothers persevere,” she writes. After all, someone has to buy the food and toilet paper right? And her list goes on.

Doing work, cooking, reorganising cupboards, catching up with a friend, cheering at a karate class, having a family dinner, helping children bathe…it never seems to end. And this is just one day’s events.

MotherhoodI had a nightmare that woke me and I rose to make my coffee. Mothers begin. I packed lunches, put dry…

Posted by Tales of an Educated Debutante on Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Mothers slow

At night snuggling up to her youngest son who is almost 4 and has autism, Adrian relishes the moment.

“I lay beside him as he fell asleep and thought about the day and the gift of time. Mothers slow. I wonder what will happen tomorrow as a million things rush my mind. Mothers worry. I grow hot beside the little boy dressed in fleece and still, I remain. Mothers know.”

She also thinks about how much she’ll miss her children once they leave home, but ponders whether her son with autism will actually ever fly the nest. “Mothers hope.”

Mothers sacrifice

When there’s so much to be done and all the while you’re constantly worrying and thinking about a zillion things – it’s no wonder mums often forget about themselves.

“I never did get a shower or put real clothes on. Mothers sacrifice,” Adrian admits at the end of her long day, something many other mums are also no stranger to.

Mothers love

Seeing someone else’s long list of daily activities can certainly make you feel better about your own to-do list, but what makes this mum’s post really special is that it’s a wonderful reminder for all mothers out there about the great job they’re doing – even with the constant duties and challenges. And most importantly, it helps us remember that ultimately when you’re a mum, it’s a labour of love.

“I adore motherhood and all that comes with it even when I forget to remember. Mothers love,” the thoughtful mum signs off.

Wise words indeed! Shout out to all you fab mamas out there having a tough day – you got this!

What does being a mother mean to you?






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