Mum overwhelmed by kindness as she battles stage four cancer

It’s always in times of darkness that we are able to see the most amazing light, and that is what has happened for Melissa Procter and her family.

Mum’s two-year battle

Melissa is a 39 year old wife and mum of three young boys, and she has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Two years ago, Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer. She battled it with everything she had, and endured six rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and the removal of her lymph nodes, and radiotherapy over the space of nine months.

After getting the all clear, Melissa happily returned to her normal life. But late last year, she was told by her doctor that the cancer has now spread to her bones.

A community rallies

But as the family takes in the news that Melissa’s cancer will now eventually take her life, they have been buoyed by incredible generosity – not only throughout their community, but also from strangers around the country.

Melissa’s sister Amanda set up a Go Fund Me page to support Melissa’s family to pay for medical bills and drug trials, pay their mortgage on a single income, and try to take time to create precious memories together while Melissa is well enough.

Generosity from strangers

Incredibly, Melissa says some of the most generous donations on the Go Fund Me page have been battling cancer themselves. ‘The selflessness and generosity of these donors humbles me.’ 

And Melissa says those who have contacted her on her Facebook page, ‘Made me feel like Wonder Woman, A positive mindset will help me tackle things, and those comments have been just so uplifting.’

“Brought out the best in people”

Possibly the most uplifting for Melissa has been the acts of kindness she has received from those around her.

‘My story seems to have bought out the best in people and the acts of kindness have come from the most unexpected places. It is proof that if you let others know that you are struggling or going through tough times that they will be there to help. People tend to get caught up in the material things in life when, in fact, it is all about relationships.’

Some of those acts of kindness have included:

  • A friend offering to have Melissa over to her house to make bone broth together
  • an old school friend who had long lost touch wanting to organise a fundraising cocktail party for 500 people
  • another friend gifting some flights to the family
  • offers of free tutoring for the children, pamper sessions, swimming lessons, and meals
  • offers of accommodation in people’s homes around the world for family getaways
  • constant offers of help with the kids
  • the local gym organising a fundraising spin class
  • a neighbour organising a fundraising clothes swap party.

“Never knew I was so loved”

And Melissa has had people say incredibly beautiful and touching things to her. ‘Going through this somehow allows others the opportunity to freely express how they feel about me. I get to see myself through their eyes and I have learnt a lot about myself in the process. I certainly never knew I was so loved.’

If you’d like to help support Melissa and her family, you can do so via her Go Fund Me page.

If you’d like to support a charity that provides support to mums with cancer and their families, visit Mummy’s Wish.

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