Mum on the run fashion and styling tips from Tluxe


A strange thing happens to your sense of style and dressing when you take your precious bundle home. You can’t bear to face another day wearing the maternity wear you’ve been living in for the past nine months, yet your pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit and aren’t child friendly. What’s one to do?, I hear you ask. The answer is simple – head straight to Tluxe.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tluxe know their stuff. If it’s new mum fashion and tips you want, that is what you will get in spades. Tluxe understands mums want to be comfortable and stylish simultaneously and this casual hip appearance is easy with Tluxe’s tactile, flattering, sustainably produced fashion pieces that all wash amazingly well.


Here are some fantastic, useful tips from Tluxe for Babyology readers on dressing new mums and mums on the run:

  • Edit your wardrobe to key pieces you know work day-in, day out. It takes the pain out of getting dressed in a hurry as you’ll know whatever you reach for looks great, no matter what the day throws at you.
  • Layer up! Our climate and daily duties mean inevitable temperature changes, both physical and environmental. A lightweight scarf around a slim fit tee or a fine knit cardigan with waterfall collar is perfect for wrapping around you when it starts to cool down.
  • Avoid dressing in all black. While it is slimming, it shows up every dribble on the shoulder, every banana squished onto your leg and each crumb from that Vegemite sandwich.
  • Contrast. Team baggy harem pants with a fitted tee, a comfortable boyfriend tee with a pencil skirt or a maxi dress with a cropped jacket or cardigan.


Tluxe is spot on when creating a fuss-free look that remains stylish and effortlessly cool. It’s here that you’ll find grey, black, white and the occasional stripe all work beautifully well together in a mix and match style. All it takes is investing a few key pieces to become staples in your wardrobe and build from there!

See the complete collection at Tluxe, where pieces are priced from $80. Delivery is available throughout Australia.


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