Mum notes takes parenting game to the next level

Remember those good old notes from mum or dad, the ones telling you dinner was in the fridge with directions on how to heat it up or the ones reminding you to take the rubbish out? Well one modern mum’s note really sets a new bar.

From the time our children are born the race is on to stay a step ahead as we try to shape them into decent and productive members of society.

The evolution of technology threatens to expand the digital divide between our kids and us more than it ever did between us and our parents.

But, in a photo posted to imgur, one US mum shows us how it is done as she sets her child the task of cleaning the kitchen.

The note is typed so it’s already befitting the modern age, the prize is a WiFi password so basically the stakes are high, and proof must be delivered via text so judgment will be fast.

Proving she is in command, this mum doesn’t just want a photo of her sparkling kitchen – no she knows these already exist (we bow down to her for this too) – she wants a box of biscuits specifically placed to prove the photo is legit and she makes her intentions clear.

But by far our favourite part – absolute mic drop moment – comes just before her final sign-off when using a relatively recent movie reference from the Hunger Games this master of motherhood lays down her no-room-for-negotiation challenge.

“May the odds be ever in your favour,” she writes.

There is no doubt this is an impressive example of the evolution of the mum note, but check out these other mums also taking notes to another level. US mum Julia Clarke writes the most beautifully hand-illustrated love notes to her daughter Amelia, which became a great source of comfort when her father died suddenly.

Then there’s Canadian mum Jenn Aguilar, who uses humorous puns and pop culture references to decorate her sons’ lunch bags.

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