Mum marvels at breast milk under microscope, calls it “living liquid gold”

A US mum has put her breast milk under a microscope and declared it “living liquid gold” sending social media into a frenzy.

Posting a video of a drop of the milk moving under the microscope to Facebook, Jansen Howard has been inundated with comments and the 30 second clip has been viewed more than 1.8 million times.

Breast milk under the microscope

“You guys… this is SO COOL!!!!!!!! this is the living liquid gold we call breast milk in motion!!!!” Jansen captioned the video.

“My dad is a blood microscopist and this is a single drop of my breast milk under his microscope!!!! It’s miraculous and it’s ALIVE, tailored to my babies needs at this moment!!!”

Formula comparison

Jansen followed up her first post by doing a formula comparison by popular demand.

Mixed response

Many were equally amazed by the footage, such as Facebook user Cici Loo who wrote: “what if this is the cure for everything… what if?”

And Laura Wood Gallant who wrote: “Nothing comes even remotely close to replicating the amazing properties of breast milk. There is NO substitute! Wish I had breasted my kids into their toddler years but I didn’t learn that this is natural until it was too late”.

Others questioned Jansen’s conclusion, such as Hillary Cates-Nelson who wrote: “It is moving because these are fatty deposits and bubbles suspended in the liquid component of breast milk”.

“It is kind of like when you put a drop of oil in water. The oil, fatty deposits in this case, are hydrophobic, water hating,” Hillary wrote.

“…Formula does have the vitamins and minerals that a baby needs to survive, but it doesn’t have any antibodies in it.

“The baby can make its own antibodies, but they don’t get that extra boost from mom.

“I do believe in breastfeeding for those who can, but I just don’t want people to be misinformed about what is really happening here since this post has been shared thousands of times.

“I work in healthcare, and I do have three degrees in science, one of which is in human physiology. I have seen many, many slides with many, many cells.”

While the posts may have fuelled the breastfeeding versus formula feeding debate, Babble reports Jansen’s motivation wasn’t pushing an anti-formula agenda as she also supplements with formula for her child.

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