Mum hilariously freaks out over imposter ‘dead mouse’ in her child’s room

Laura Mazza finds dead mouse

Funny mum Laura Mazza from Mum on the Run once again has us in stitches. Not content with making us laugh with her hysterical account of farting in yoga or helping others feel normal with her frank thoughts on motherhood struggles and body image, now things have taken a furry little turn with her most recent discovery.

Okay so I've been debating whether to post this because I'm convinced people will think I'm an incapable human being at…

Posted by Laura Mazza – Mum on the Run on Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mouse in house

The Melbourne mum of two debated whether or not to share her most recent embarrassing escapade on her Facebook page earlier this week, but thank goodness she did because we all need a good chuckle today.

Laura Mazza was in her son’s room going about mum business as usual when suddenly she spied a mouse, yep A MOUSE, just lying there near the set of drawers. Naturally she froze.

“…it was the kinda freeze that you feel like you shouldn’t even breathe. Where your air escapes your lungs,” she says in her post.

Thoughts of Stewart Little’s gnarlier cousin spraying pebble poo, having tons of babies and mass mouse orgies everywhere in the house instantly ran rife in her terrified mind, naturally.

“I can’t save them”

Shutting the door in panic she phoned her husband. Women and mice might be a cartoon cliche but c’mon seriously, what mum really wants one of those furry buggers in their house? Or any creature for that matter.

“There are children in the house, your children. You need to come here. I can’t save them,” she cried in desperation to her hubby, even calling the tiny rodent the C word in her mouse mania madness.

While on the phone she then discovered in horror that the mouse was in fact DEAD, something that unfazed her laughing hubby who simply told her to scoop it up and put it in the bin, before helpfully hanging up and going into a meeting.

Whiskey courage

Laura was now faced with the most terrifying task of her life – removing a dead mouse from her house. After a mirror pep talk, some strong whiskey and a few good slaps to the face, the scared mum ran screaming in to remove the furry intruder clutching a piece of paper.

The only thing was, it wasn’t a mouse at all. It was a tiny toy leopard…

“I nod to myself and say ‘we shall never tell a soul about this,'” says Laura solemnly, who when her husband came home four hours later and asked her how it went was true to word replying ‘…mate, I handled that shit.'”

Now of course says Laura, “the mouse is outta the bag…”

I think we can safely say we all would have done the same thing. Darn those tricky toys!

toy leopard
The dead mouse imposter up close

Have you ever mistaken a toy for something else?!

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