Mum has baby, gets married 5 hours later because women are magnificent!

Michigan's Pulcipher Family

A US couple unexpectedly bundled a new baby and a wedding into one day, and their wedding guests were delighted to witness this amazing two-for-one major life event deal!

Early arrival

First-time-parents Jael and John Pulcipher had admittedly planned a wedding precariously close to their September 16 due date, but they figured that six weeks out wouldn’t be cutting things too fine.

Their little girl had other other ideas, it would seem. She wanted to witness her parents’ big day, making an early appearance and sorting our her own big day in the process!

Jael and John had a lovely lakeside ceremony booked for July 29, but things went quite drastically awry! On July 25, doctors confirmed that Jael’s waters had broken.

“I was told [by doctors] that I was not leaving the hospital until I had the baby,” Jael Pulcipher told ABC News. As Jael stayed in hospital, closely monitored and  awaiting the birth, John began planning wedding contingencies, finding out about postponement and refund policies from wedding vendors.

“Just in case we didn’t have a wedding,” John said. “At that point, it was going to be extremely hard to pull off.” Too true.

Days later, on July 29, the still unmarried Jael went into labour and wee Briar Dorothy was born.

On with the show

It was at this point that phase two of the Pulcipher’s Big Day Plan kicked in.

John had cleverly sought permission from the hospital to commandeer their conference room for the wedding. The couple’s wedding guests were well on the way, or had already arrived, so it seemed best just to push on and get married! And that’s what they did.

“What was cool was we had so many people fly in. We had family and friends [originally] say, ‘We can fly in for the wedding, or fly in to see the baby.’ Turns out, they didn’t have to choose,” Jael said.

“We do!”

“It took a lot of people behind the scenes to make it happen — the nurses, neonatal staff,” said a hospital staffer. “It was really an honor to be a part of it. It’s not how I think they wanted their wedding to be, but we did what we could to make it a very special day.”

Seventy or so guests, and delighted hospital staff, attended the ceremony and reception which came with all the wedding trimmings: cake, catering, flowers and music. 

There was even a brief but beloved appearance from 5-hour-old baby Briar.

“Girl knows how to make a dramatic entrance!” Jael laughed. “[Our guests] said it was the most fun and crazy [day] and it was just a representation of us. They were happy we could give them both baby and the wedding.”

“The most beautiful part was Briar,” newlywed first-time-dad John revealed. “That was the best surprise.”

How lovely. Congratulations to this lovely family on their extra special Big Day!

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