Mum confesses to being Netflix user who watched Bee Movie 357 times in a year

Bee Movie still

The only thing that calms down Gemma Chalmers’s 10-month-old son Jaxson is the 2007 Dreamworks flick Bee Movie, so when Netflix announced a mystery UK user with 357 downloads of the film to be Europe’s most prolific ‘re-watcher’ she knew it had to be her. The worst part? She’s completely fed up with it!

Show me the honey

Most mums will do anything to settle an unhappy baby and that’s exactly what 29-year-old Gemma Chalmers has been doing this past year for her 10-month-old son, Jaxon, who is literally buzzing mad for the cartoon film Bee Movie which is about bees suing humans for stealing their honey.

Apparently the tot became obsessed with the yellow and black characters after his Gran put it on one day to stop him crying. Ever since then the exasperated mother from Peterhead, Scotland, has had to put it on multiple times a day to make him happy.

A mum’s gotta do what a mum’s gotta do, right?

Stinging for streaming

It wasn’t until Gemma saw a news story where the streaming giant Netflix had revealed an unnamed UK subscriber had watched the children’s film Bee Movie a total of 357 times in 2017, making this committed streamer the most prolific film ‘re-watcher’ in Europe.

It wasn’t long before the mum of one contacted Netflix to fess up to the fact that she was indeed the mystery streamer.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the story,” Gemma told The Sun. “My friends were tagging me in posts — saying, ‘This has to be you’. I calculated it — and it might even be more than 357 times.”

Hive fever

According to the young mum, little Jaxson is so hooked on theBee Movie that he watches it from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night, and throws tantrums unless it’s on the box.

“He doesn’t even pay attention to it and plays with his toys — but still, it always has to be on,” she told The Sun.

You can forget about suggesting another movie for the toddler to watch because nothing else will give him that special buzz, not even other popular animated shows and films.

“We’ve tried Trolls, Cars and other Disney films. But nothing works like the Bee Movie,” his mum added.

Total buzz kill

“We’re bee-yond thrilled Jaxson is such a massive fan,” joked Netflix, upon finding out that Gemma and her son were the mystery Bee Movie watchers.

The mum herself was (ahem) less enthusiastic.

“I know every word of that film. I am completely fed-up with it,” she said.

We don’t blame her! Jerry Seinfeld, who voices the main character Barry the Bee, is great but who wants to hear his voice 24/7?

New year, new movie?

Unfortunately, when your kid latches on to something they love there’s not a whole lot you can do except ride out the phase until it buzzes off for good. For Gemma’s sake, we hope Jaxson finds a new favourite movie for 2018.

What films or shows are your kids obsessed with?

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