Mum calls police after three-year-old daughter unbuckles her seatbelt

Seatbelt safety is something we all teach our children and it’s a lesson this mum has taken to the extreme, calling in police after her three-year-old daughter unbuckled her seatbelt during a tantrum in the car.

Forgetting to buckle up a child is one thing – just ask Mila Kunis – but the reality is seat belts do save lives and this determined mumma wanted to make sure her toddler daughter got the message.

Arizona mum Michelle Fortin tells KPHO she was driving home with her two children in the car when she heard her son call out, “mummy mummy, she unbuckled her seatbelt”.

After pulling over to do the seatbelt back up, Michelle says she tried to explain to toddler Camille the dangers of what she had done. But as any parent who has ever tried to explain something to a determined toddler knows, it doesn’t always go smoothly.

“This was something that could hurt her – her safety was at risk so I took it for what it was, which is a teachable moment,” Michelle says.

“I got home and I called the police, and I turned her in.”

Michelle called the non-emergency line for the Scottsdale Police Department and police officers were only too happy to help out.

Using stuffed animal toys, police officer Corey Snead demonstrated how to buckle in safely and explained to Camille why she needs to keep her seatbelt buckled.

“We don’t know what other drivers are going to do, other drivers may not pay attention and they could hit the back of mum, they could hit the side of the car and, you know what, if we’re not buckled our body is going to hit something,” officer Snead says.

Michelle’s tough stance appears to have worked, with Camille promising her and police she will keep her seatbelt on.

The public response to the story online was a mix of criticism and praise for Michelle.

But when you consider heartbreaking cases such as that of four-year-old Titan, whose unbuckling game cost him his life, it is easy to see why Michelle went to such great lengths to deliver this particular safety message.

We would love to know what lengths you have gone to when it comes to driving home an important message to your children.

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