Mum berated for breastfeeding where bras are sold

We’ve seen a lot of breastfeeding mummas fight back when they feel discriminated against for doing what nature intended, but there is no mistaking the glaring irony captured by one US mum.

Like winning the lottery then dying the next day, Wittney Hope could pen a sequel to the 1995  Alanis Morissette hit after she posted a photo breastfeeding her baby in front of a large bra advertisement in a department store where she says she was shamed by an employee for breastfeeding.

“She told me I would need to go to the restroom,” Wittney says.

“I was completely shocked as I have never had anyone comment on me breastfeeding in the whole 18 months I have been nursing. Yet alone another woman, possibly a mother herself.”

After the awful encounter, Wittney says she took the photo of her breastfeeding her daughter with a cover on while standing in front of an ad zoomed into the breasts of a model wearing a lacey bra at a Dillard’s store to show the double standards at play.

“Why is it acceptable for a giant picture of BOOBS to be on the wall but I can not feed my child?” she writes.

Here is her full post.

Dillard’s responded to Wittney’s post in the comments.

“We respect the right of mothers to nurse their children wherever they feel comfortable in doing so,” the reply says.

“Upon becoming aware of this situation, our store manager immediately reached out to our customer and apologised. Our associates have been reminded of our breastfeeding policy.”

Wittney is not alone in her quest to normalise breastfeeding, we’ve seen many mums take to social media for the cause, including this wonder mum who proudly breastfed at a wedding.

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