Mum admits hilarious parenting fail after late school drop-off

Let’s be honest, while the kids are to blame for the majority of times we’re running late, there are times when we have to admit the poor little guys really had nothing to do with it. Perhaps we just pressed snooze one too many times. Or ran out of bread. Kudos to this mum who laid it all on the line after dropping her daughter off to school late.

We’ve seen some impressive parenting notes in our time – from the mum who penned a permission note for her kids to climb trees, the controversial daycare note that left a mum stunned and the son who revoked his mum’s parenting privileges. But this may just be our new favourite.

In perhaps the most honest admission of tardiness guilt, this mum decided to list ‘bad parenting’ as the reason her daughter arrived at school late. Virtual high-fives all round, we’ve all thought it – she just had the guts to do it!

My friend was running late to drop off her daughter at school. from funny

According to her friend, Reddit user Colieoh, school starts at 7.45am, so poor Sophie was more than an hour late.

After the image was uploaded, the parenting floodgates opened, with some hilarious responses from other mums and dads who’d either provided similar stellar excuses, or had stories of their own parents walking a fine line during their school days. Even teachers got in on the act:

‘I got a note from a parent once that said, “we all overslept.” What do you even say to that?’ CornDoggerMcJones

‘If my dad dropped us off late to school he would write “My children are late because they are not on time.”‘ cat-ninja

‘Next time my kids are late I’ll take it a step further “There was a Charizard on the way.”‘ Colieoh

‘I normally make up monster attacked the car stories for my daughter. There is more room for creative stories on the forms at her school.’ blaxploitation

Some days we just have to admit that all our ducks aren’t quite in a row. And that’s ok, this parenting gig is tough!

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