Whoops! Mum accidentally makes penis cookies for baby’s first birthday

woman baking

Um. Straight from the What-The?-Ha-Ha-Ha Files comes this lovely mum’s attempt to make cookies in the shape of the number one. Titter.

My wife made "1" cookies for our 1 year olds birthday.. I don’t think they came out right from funny

Oh yes she did

Reddit user PortugalPaul shared a photo of the offending cookies. It’s tagged NSFW (not safe for work) so we are figuring it might literally offend some sensitive types? I mean. They really DO look like penises (peniii?) but if you’re of the mind that an accidental bicky penis is offensive you might need to take a serious look at yourself and your lofty morals.

We’re guessing this devoted mum spent hours on Pinterest, looking for the perfect birthday snacks for her little girl’s celebration. Deep in the trenches of baking, she probably didn’t even REALISE that they were doppelgäng-ing with a fella’s old fella. Until her husband enlightened her. Poor thing.

Biscuits in shape of number one

“I don’t think they came out right”

“My wife made “1” cookies for our 1 year old’s birthday… I don’t think they came out right,” the dad-in-question captioned the image, adding insult to cookie injury by inviting the entire internet to share their thoughts.

The entire internet didn’t disappoint. The comments underneath his post were filled with pure delight and chortles – and a plethora of helpful baking tips for those who prefer their cookie numbers not look like genitals. #spoilsports

“Came for the penis joke, left with knowledge on baking. We have all grown,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Right? I thought there would be a bunch of dick jokes, but now I learned how to make proper dick cookies with great edging. I’m going to call them cockies,” another quipped.

“Well technically those cookies are still ‘1’ cookies. We should stop associating everything with genitals,” one person scolded.

“Please tell your wife that she did a wonderful job. Yes, adults will find them funny because we have dirty minds, but the little ones won’t notice. She put a lot of time and love into those cookies. God bless her!” another enthused.

Predictably, there were penis-related tips (!) amidst the comments, but we’re not going to focus on those because we prefer to talk about icing and sprinkles and such. #Smut

And so, because we’re asking all the hard questions here at Babyology, we’d love to know what YOU think?

Are these biscuits ones or penises (penii?)?  Thoughts?


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