Mr Tom Design Scratch Calendar – watch the days disappear

Perhaps you’re the kind of person that likes to count off the days,
putting big crosses on your calendar for each day that passes. Here’s
a novel way to watch the days go by without it being too obvious that
you’re waiting for time to elapse, with this
Scratch Calendar by Mr Tom Design.

Maybe you will experience the same excitement as when uncovering the
symbols on a Scratchie, although there are no monetary treats to be
won on this one. Make sure you’ve got a toddler handy who’s still
in the phase of being enthused by the dust-pan and brush, as
you’ll be needing to sweep up the debris the calendar leaves on your
pretty floorboards. It might also be wise to keep it out of reach,
as time may end up going by at the rate of a month a day if your child
has a say in matters.

Madrid-based designer Agustín Zea says the English version should be
available soon, along with purchasing details. Spanish speakers and
those wanting to inject a foreign language into the home can email
about the Spanish version.

(Via Tumblr)


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