Mountain Buggy Swift – finally a compact with a swivel wheel!


I’ve been holding my breath for three long years for this one! The
Mountain Buggy Swift has made an appearance at the ABC trade fair in
Las Vegas, and is the very first compact stoller with a swivel wheel
for this world-renowned buggy company. Building the ultimate in
robust, go-anywhere prams, Mountain Buggies have been a personal
obsession of mine since before my first child arrived, and this latest
model adds a sense of complete perfection to the range.

Responding to consumer demand for a compact version of the highly
successful Urban model, the Swift is readying
itself to far eclipse the Breeze with its amazing manoeuvrability. Make
sure you read a first-hand review of the Swift’s performance at
Spilling The Beans where it is predicted that Mountain Buggy may also
release a double version. Now wouldn’t that turn the double stroller market on its head!

The Swift will be available in three colourways – Black/Lime Green,
Black/Red, and Black/Charcoal and is set to be the choice for inner
city dwellers who may not have cars and live in cosy abodes. It will
also appeal to those like me, who may no longer need a large
pram and want a light, zippy stroller without sacrificing adaptability.
The advantage with the Swift will be that it can handle a
variety of terrains if it’s anything
like its older brother the Urban, and won’t make your heart sink at the
first sight of grass or rocks.

For those of us who have avidly followed the evolution of pram
design, this is one very exciting prospect. No release date has yet
set for Australasia, but it will released in the US in December. Being
a New Zealand company, let’s hope we get to see some here
around that time. Reports say that it is suitable from newborn. Also
keep your eyes peeled for two new designer fabrics for the Urban model!

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