Motoreta – bringing sophistication to children’s clothing


We made a fleeting mention of this gorgeous Spanish clothing brand for kids when we covered Playtime New York last year, but we thought it deserves to take centre stage in an editorial all its own…


Motoreta’s 2014 showing at Playtime in the Big Apple was its first, and it understandably created an impression.


Although it was the first time Motoreta ventured to the trade show, it has been creating its stunning line of children’s clothing from Seville since 2012.


The signature of this brand is the brilliant cut to all of its pieces, making them fit beautifully, and create clean lines.


Therefore, it should be no surprise that the label was created by two architects, Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena. They have a penchant for the simple yet sophisticated. The look they strive for is so incredibly difficult to create, because the beauty lies in the simplicity.



Motoreta uses beautiful graphics (how amazing are the shirt and skirt adorned with whales and narwhals?!) and understated detail to create a fashion edge, that’s suitable for children’s clothing.


We are truly jealous of the beautiful new spring summer collection that has just been released, but there’s no reason you can’t snap up a few pieces to store for later in the year. And a few, like the baggy pant (€47) and the stunning Fiona Blouse (€50) are very much transeasonal. Another great reason to stock up is that Motoreta offers free international standard shipping on all orders over €150.


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