Mother’s Day 2012 – our writers list their dream gifts!

regency vintage floral teapot

I’ll admit to tackling this article in a bit of a huffy mood – you see, I asked the team what their top picks were for Mother’s Day 2012 and not one, but two of my own have been stolen right away from me! It’s true we are very like-minded here at Babyology so it’s really no surprise that we like many of the exact same things.

It’s a good thing my Pinterest boards are choc full of the most desirable things on the planet in my esteem, as it wasn’t difficult to revisit all those things that have been at the top of my wishlist for so long! We’ll start with Mandi, who did happen to choose one of my top picks.


You can see why we were vying for the very same item! This amazingly beautiful Uimi Sage luxury throw is the perfect gift for a mum. With winter’s approach it’s important for Mandi to stay warm through the middle part of her pregnancy. She’ll hopefully be snuggling up with this softie courtesy of Ben and the girls! You can buy one online from Bohemian Home for $395.

Also on Mandi’s list are the Muji Baking Moulds we told you about in March.


This year I want cushions or bedlinen from Castle and Things (top and above). Yellow velvet for me please, plus those beautiful pink spot pillowcases. Dreamy don’t you think? Also on my list are the exquisite Joseph Joseph bowls from Peter’s of Kensington (currently $84).


Katrina and I share a penchant for Kate Spade so here’s another one duplicated from my own list! It’s the very very lovely Melinda Grand Street bag in fresh green – $500 from Kate Spade. If this one isn’t entirely realistic to hope for, then Katrina would be thrilled to receive the My Abuela’s Table cookbook by Daniella Germain from The Book Depository.


Anita has jewellery and only jewellery on this mind this year – she chose not one, but two necklaces! Above is her luxury choice of an Uberkate Family Compass in silver ($495) – family is her home, so the idea of a compass, with her loved one’s initials as the points is perfect. Below is the Vintage Brass Ball Necklace kit for US$20 from Paper Faces Studio on Etsy. Anita explains:

My girlfriends and I have exchanged a special friendship ball on each of our weddings days – a beautiful, ornate ornament, which opens up to reveal a note. We have passed it along, adding our notes over the years as we’ve each married. It’s the same principle behind this beautiful Vintage Brass Ball Locket Necklace (about $20), and I love the idea of a sweet little message from my children, hanging close to my heart.


This amazing Victorian Trench Swing Coat is on Leah’s dream list for Mother’s Day – it’s $400 from Etsy’s YY Studio. While this one may remain in pipedream territory, she’s pretty confident a Frankie Magazine subscription isn’t out of the question.


It’s no surprise to me that an Il Tutto bag makes the list yet again this year – we simply never tire of the classic design! Lexi’s pick is the red Il Tutto Chiara, $449 from Bambini Pronto. At just $44.95 for the SS Racer Pendant from Polli, we think this one is sure to make it to Lexi this Mother’s Day. There’s free shipping to boot!

bicycle necklace


Nikki stopped drinking coffee eight years ago when pregnant with her first child – the smell of coffee made her sick! She reluctantly switched to tea and now loves it but rarely gets a chance to enjoy a hot cup during the day. Three kids mean most times the tea grows cold on the counter. The first thing she does when the kids fall asleep at night is brew a cup of tea, sit down and savour it… right down to the last drop. So her dream gift would be this, the holy grail of teapots, from Legle de Limoges of France, with a matching Limoges tea cup to drink it from.

regency vintage floral teapot

Of course, at $415 for the teapot and $116 for the tea cup, she may instead have to settle for this cheerfully chintzy (and much cheaper) duo from Lark! The cup is $16.95 and teapot $49.95.

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