Mother-to-be shares incredible bonding moment with large orangutan


A UK couple has shared an amazing video of an orangutan paying sweet attention to the woman’s blossoming baby bump, proving parenthood really is the great equaliser.

The incredible encounter just goes to show it doesn’t matter what your background is, where you come from or even what species you are – it’s easy to appreciate the promise of new life entering the world.

While visiting a zoo, the expectant mother caught the attention of a large orangutan, who locked eyes on her pregnant belly.

Through the glass the beautiful creature stroked her bump, nuzzled it with his head and at one point even kissed where the baby was.

We can hear the voice of the woman’s partner in the background.

“He is proper staring at your bump, it’s amazing,” he says. “He wants to kiss your bump – oh he’s just kissed it, oh wow.”

This is not the first time an orangutan has shown such moving interest in motherhood.

Earlier this year, Melbourne mum Elizabeth Hunt Burrett shared the incredible moment of an orangutan, and fellow mum, closely watching her breastfeeding her son.

And last year, British orangutan Rajang made headlines when he planted a kiss on the glass meant for the pregnant belly of mum Maisie Knight.

(via little things)

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