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Green To Grow has become a firm favourite amongst parents looking for the very best in safe feeding equipment for their babies. The toxin-free bottle range was featured at Babyology back in

New gift packs are about to be released in both the wide-neck and regular bottle versions – they’re the perfect kits for those who need or wish to express milk in conjunction with breastfeeding, or for those beginning formula feeding.

Charmingly bundled in a 100 per cent recycled little house, the package
contains two 150ml bottles, two 300 ml bottles, two packets of teats in both medium and fast flow, and one certified organic cotton burp cloth – great value, and all you’ll need to kick-start safe bottle feeding.

You can buy the burp cloths separately too. My second son was a
reflux baby and those in a similar position will understand the need
for immediate back-up when baby is being burped. Many babies posset a little and most parents find it’s always handy having a burp cloth around!

The organic burp cloths are dyed with low-impact, non-toxic dyes. And purchasing them will help farmers in central India overcome poverty and make a sustainable living from their hard work, with the rewards flowing through to their communities.

The gift sets retail at $109.95 each, and a set of three burp cloths retails at $39.95 plus post from
Ecochild. They’ve just arrived, so order while they have some in stock.

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