Monkies – shoes the kids can draw on again and again


Are your kids creative types? Have they exhausted every piece of paper, colouring book and canvas in the craft box? Here’s a creative outlet they will just love – shoes they can decorate with their own artwork. And when they feel like a fresh look for their kicks, they can erase the drawing and start again – amazing!


These shoes are simply brilliant – for their cool, retro high top looks, their creativity and the endless possibilities. My only hope is they’ll eventually come in adult sizes!


Monkies are white shoes that come with seven magic pens, which are used to decorate the shoes. Why are these pens magic? Because not only is the design drawn on the shoe waterproof (so kids can continue to splash in puddles – in fact the designs are also snow-proof), but the drawings can be erased using the special sponge that comes with the shoes. And the design process can start all over again!


The shoes come in European sizing – from 28 to 38, which covers children from around two years old up to about ten years – but Monkies does advise to go one size larger than usual. They cost €59 a pair, plus shipping to Australia of around €10, and are available directly through Monkies.


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