Mommie Pickles delivers funny comics all mums will love

Comedian Meghna Shah loves finding the funny side of life. So when the New York City funny woman became pregnant with her son last year, she did what she knows best – she transformed the discomfort that comes with pregnancy into hilarious and honest “mumisms”- a comic series of quirky sayings and images that all mums can relate to.

And thus, with a dash of sarcasm and a sprinkle of sass, Mommie Pickles, (formally known as Mommie Poppins) was born. She may not be winning any nanny-awards any time soon, but she is saving the sanity of new mums everywhere, one quirky comic at a time.

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Meghna Shah is not the first to admit that motherhood is hard. But she is putting a new spin on life as a mum that is refreshing, honest and relatable.

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Mommie Pickles is the cheeky new mum on the block who isn’t afraid to tell the truth – pregnancy and motherhood is no stroll in the park!

“Since alcohol was not an option, having a sense of humour was sometimes the only way to get through the day,” Meghna admits.

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This sobering idea has turned into a series of comics that all new mums will appreciate. The series focuses on showcasing the less-than-elegant side of pregnancy and new mummyhood.

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Sometimes we want the truth, without the sugar-coated sweetness. Mommie Pickles delivers.

“Often only the glamorous aspects of pregnancy and new motherhood are shared. It definitely is one of the most cherished and beautiful time in any new parent’s life but it’s also easily the most confusing,” Meghna explains.

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Her comics help her see the funny side of stretch marks, baby vomit and engorged breasts.

“Laughing doesn’t make it all easier, but having a sense of humour helps me think more rationally and serves as my reality check.”

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Meghna combines her cheeky sayings with her friend, Radhika Chitalia’s clever drawings. The inspiration behind the sayings come from Meghna’s thoughts while pregnant and after birth. And, now that Meghna’s little man has arrived, we can expect even more mumisms about what’s to come.

“I felt like pregnancy was the hardest thing I have ever done, but after my son was born, I realised that being a new mum is even harder! Life just keeps getting more confusing and more overwhelming!”

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Meghna is more than humbled by the fact that so many mums relate to Mommie Pickles.

“When other mums said they had similar experiences it has been so satisfying,” Meghna says. “All mothers go through similar problems and can all relate in one way or another.”

mummie poppins 1

Meghna has certainly found her stride, not only as a comedian but also as a new mum.

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If you haven’t already discovered Mommie Pickles, make sure you follow her on Facebook. And check out some of our other favourite comic strips about being a parent.

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