Moff: the interactive wearable that brings kids’ imaginations to life

We’ll be the first to admit that no mum needs more noise in her life, but we’ll make an exception for the incredible Moff Band sound effect bracelet.

Moff Band is an interactive, wearable toy that lets kids use sound effects to change everyday objects into the amazing things in their imaginations. It’s as easy as strapping on the bracelet and syncing it with an Apple or Android device. After that, the sound barrier is the limit.

The idea for Moff came from a familiar problem: kids get bored with toys quickly. Parents buy more toys, and after a short time, more boredom ensues. The result often is too many toys.

But what if kids could breathe new life into old objects? What if they could use technology to shape their worlds of play? A successful campaign on Kickstarter brought Moff to life.

The Moff interface comes with a collection of apps, grouped by category. Sensors in the bracelet track the wearer’s movement, and the apps play sound effects on your device. For example, if you swing your arm while using the sports app, Moff will suggest the sound of a tennis ball hitting a racket, or the crack of a golf club hitting a ball.

Moff bracelet 2

Moff comes in pink, orange and blue, and is available on Amazon (from $67). At the moment, shipping to Australia isn’t available, but Moff is working on it for 2017.

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