Modern Cloth Nappies – the new way to do cloth

Many parents are recognising the virtues of modern cloth nappies. Lightweight, fashionable and with a lot of the same
absorbent properties as disposables, they’re an attractive option. A full-time stash of cloth is worth about $600, but
when you consider the many thousands spent on disposables throughout a child’s nappy wearing years, it’s a good investment.

Styles of modern cloth are getting more and more refined, leading to
less leakage and more oomph in the fashion stakes. We’ve featured
both gDiapers in June ’08 and those from
last December. Now Minilala have just launched new designs in both AIO (All-In-One) and Pocket styles, both at $32.50 each.

The range of designer fabrics available at
is nothing short of amazing and I pity the poor soul looking to
choose only
one or two. Out of 21 designs, I counted 13 that I personally consider
unisex, so there’s plenty to choose from whatever the sex of
your baby. My favourite is always the one-size pocket style as it fits
baby until late toddlerhood and dries easily with two parts to
it. All-in-ones are great for those tricky to fit bubs as they’re
sized, or for when you prefer not to have to stuff nappies after washing.

Another company doing great things in the modern cloth world is
Cushie Tushies
which offers ‘Couture’ and ‘Basix’ ranges. Both are
all-in-one, one-size fits all, with the Basix range featuring plain
microfleece outer coverings ($27) and the Couture range patterned
super-soft minky ($35). Whether you choose the stylish plain workhorse
nappy or the ultra-glam model, your baby’s skin will be
protected beautifully.

The great thing about modern cloth is you can embrace it in
whichever way you wish. If you suspect you’re not going to be the
type, then grab a few to use when kicking around at home during the
day. You can use them to suit you and your baby, there are no rules!


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