Modern cloth nappies from Designer Bums

cloth nappies

cloth nappies

I love that parents are going back to basics using cloth nappies. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t jump on the modern cloth nappy bandwagon when our youngest was born. It’s so much better for our environment than disposable nappies and who can resist a baby sporting a fluffy, soft, colourful nappy on their bot?

Designer Bums are the perfect example of modern cloth nappies, for those unfamiliar with the product. The modern cloth is shaped just like a disposable and is just as easy to use. There’s nothing to be frightened of, honestly!

Every Designer Bums nappy has a cotton designer fabric outer shell and is lined with a super soft silky suede-cloth perfect for nestling against sensitive skin. Due to the hidden layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) there’s no need for a nappy cover, which is fantastic – it would be a shame to cover up the gorgeous prints.

You are spoilt for choice in the fabric stakes with a staggering twenty-four designs to choose from. They range from spots and dots to birds and cars, you can have different colours for every day of the week! Every Designer Bums nappy includes two bamboo or microfibre inserts.

Designer Bums are great value for money with a one-size-fits all sizing system using a snap and velcro system that fits babies as small as 3.5 kilograms right through to toilet training.

Nappies cost $35 at Designer Bums with a $7.50 flat rate delivery fee, regardless of how many nappies you buy.

cloth nappies

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