Model Erin McNaught and rapper Example welcome their second beautiful baby

Erin McNaught and Example

Model Erin McNaught and her husband Elliot Gleave (also known as Example) welcomed their second child on Tuesday – a darling baby boy and little brother for Evander.

Welcome Ennio!

Ennio made his appearance after a very efficient labour. He weighed in at 3.3kg and mum and bub are both doing well! Erin posted a beautiful photo of herself and her newborn cute-face to Instagram Tuesday night, announcing this much-anticipated bubba had shown up at long-last.

“Ennio Stanley Gleave. He arrived this morning (39w) after a relatively quick natural and drug-free birth. 3.3kg. Both of us happy and healthy. Just as overwhelming second time round,” Erin posted. Ennio is a wee brother to the couple’s first child, 2-year-old Evander Maxwell. 

Release the trolls

Of course, nobody can do anything these days without noisy people with opinions piping up. This time, some people thought Erin was gloating and unnecessarily broadcasting details of her birth. On the day she gave birth. That was their response. #HeadDesk

“You are setting a bad example for those that are less fortunate to have such a birth. Have some class and grace and humbly accept you did good without broadcasting it to Instagram,” one woman wrote.

“Beautiful photo of you and baba. Natural birth or drug birth doesn’t matter though and shouldn’t be broadcasted as some women don’t care about the ‘natural birth badge’ nor are fortunate enough to have an easy going uncomplicated birth. The baby is out and healthy whatever way they have been delivered. x” Another posted. #sigh

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Game on

Baby daddy Example was not having any of it, and quite rightly so. He swooped in, clapped back and told them to mind their manners.

“Last time we had a kid a lot of people asked what kind of birth she had,” Example posted in the comments of Erin’s birth announcement. “This saves her answering lots of people. Let her enjoy her day.”

We could not agree more. 

Luckily there were zillions more responses congratulating this cute family on their new addition, but it’s worth noting that Example responded to a number of negative comments – and that they’ve obviously impacted this special moment.

It’s another reminder that there’s a time and a place for discussion of all things – and if you can’t say anything nice when someone’s pushed an actual baby human out of their nether regions, don’t say anything at all.

Someone else’s joyful Instagram update is most definitely not your teaching moment.

Congratulations to Erin, Example and Evander on their new little guy, Ennio! #AllOfTheENames


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