Misha and Puff’s functional knits for babies


It may not exactly be knit weather, but there’s nothing wrong with getting prepared. Just try and resist filling your baby’s entire winter wardrobe with this handmade goodness.

misha and puff baby knitwear

While Misha and Puff prides itself on creating functional knitted pieces, truth be told, we really love the collection because it’s beautiful!

mish7, misha and puff baby knitwear

Every piece in the Misha and Puff collection is handmade in Peru, by women who either work from home or at the Misha and Puff knitting centre – where they are provided with day care for their children and meals. And as an added touch, the name of the woman who made the garment appears on each hang tag.

mish5, misha and puff baby knitwear

As well as taking pride in how its garments are made, Misha and Puff also carefully chooses the yarns used to make them. Only natural materials like Merino are used, and it’s hand dyed. It’s truly incredible just how vibrant some of the colours are. Some of the pieces are also made from baby alpaca wool, which is incredibly gentle on newborn skin.

mish1, misha and puff baby knitwear

The current collection includes gorgeous hats, booties, jumpers and scarves to fit newborns through to two year olds. Take this as a warning though, most of it is sold out – so make sure you bookmark Misha and Puff and watch out for the next drop!


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