Miracle baby survives miscarriage and abortion pills

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When Michelle Hui had a miscarriage six weeks into her third pregnancy, she was understandably heartbroken. She was given two medical abortion pills to clear her uterus – but what happened next has amazed doctors.

Ms Hui had five ultrasounds after suffering a miscarriage while walking to the station. Then she was given the abortion pills to prevent infection from anything left behind in her uterus.

She was told to take a home pregnancy test several days later to check whether any harmful clots remained in her uterus. When the test came back positive, she was booked in for a dilation and curettage (D&C).

Pregnancy miracle following miscarriage of twin sibling

Ten days after her miscarriage, she was back in hospital being prepared for the procedure when she was given another scan – and stunned doctors found a tiny heartbeat. It turns out Ms Hui had been pregnant with twins, and one had miraculously survived.

“The doctor went out and came back in with a more senior doctor and he did the scan again and he said, ‘you are not going to believe it, we’ve got a heartbeat’. It was the best feeling ever,” she tells the Mirror.

Baby Megan was born 18 weeks ago and is a “big, healthy pudding of baby”, according to her proud mum, of County Kildare in Ireland. “The doctors said it was a blessing. They have never heard of anything like it. Someone had been looking over us.”

Association of Radical Midwives spokeswoman Katherine Hales says the case is “extraordinary”. “I have very, very occasionally heard of rare cases of a miscarriage of one baby, and then seeing another on the scan,” she tells the Mirror. “But I have never heard of this happening after (abortion pill) ­mifepristone. I can’t think of a medical reason for it to happen – it is just luck.”

Megan is a little sister to Mya, 4, and Noah, 2.

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Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose

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