Mio Nomad System – create a wall in your home


The Nomad is a modular system for creating partitions in your home. What sets them apart from other partitioning walls is that they’re made up of tons of little recycled-cardboard pieces that fit into one another in order to create your desired wall shape. You can even create openings that you can walk through, and create a door. A great tool for separating areas of the nursery or hiding those unsightly toys in the corner of a room.

The Nomad system can be configured to create entry-ways and corners, easily adjusting to any indoor space. The pieces are extremely light and fold flat. They are made out of recycled cardboard and come in six different colors. The cost is pretty hefty at US$56 for 24 pieces.

If you were to create a wall similar to the one in the picture (which contains somewhere in the vicinity of 112 pieces) it would end up costing around US$280. Look at specifics on the Mio website and they ship Internationally.

Although after checking out the prices at Howard’s Storage and other storage shops, this doesn’t seem quite as bad and they’re portable and can be re-used and moulded into different wall shapes as your needs change.

Colour Options
Dark Green, Mid Green, Light green, Dark Grey, Light Grey and White.

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