Minimise bed-wetting dramas with Protect-A-Bed

Toilet training is a hard act to master. Even when your child has it down to a tee during the day and most nights, there’s still sometimes the occasional slip-up that results in dampness of both child and their (previously) warm and cosy bed.

We have a drawsheet and mattress protector to giveaway to one lucky reader to the value of $100, just see below for details.

Calming down and changing a half-asleep child into dry pyjamas, followed by changing a wet bed as a half-asleep adult, is no picnic. I soon invested in a waterproof mattress protector for my son’s bed and it was a wise move indeed. Even better again are these fantastic solutions from Protect-A-Bed.

Protect-A-Bed offer waterproof solutions for both beds and cots, minimising the fuss and drama associated with the full linen change in the middle of the night. The super absorbent Drawsheet made with a terry cotton surface acts as a sheet that you fit over the top of a fitted sheet. Should your child wet their bed, the drawsheet absorbs up to a litre of moisture and the linen change isn’t cumbersome – it’s as simple as removing this single drawsheet and replacing it!

For cot mattresses there is the Wetsafe Terry Fitted Sheet that comes in a variety of colours. The waterproof sheet has a super soft terry cotton sleep surface to protect cot mattresses from spills, leaking nappies and bed wetting. A great suggestion is to buy two Wetsafe fitted sheets and place one on top of the other in the cot to minimise having to completely wake a sleeping baby to change the sheets!

These Protect-A-Bed products are available all over Australia or online. Check Protect-A-Bed for a stockist near you. Alternatively, Sleep In Health stock the Drawsheet for $39.99 and the Wetsafe Terry Fitted Cot Sheet priced from $20.85. Delivery is available all over Australia.

We have a Protect-a-Bed drawsheet and mattress protector to give away to one of our readers, total value $99.98.  These will be awarded to whoever makes the most funny, useful or interesting comments on any of our posts between now and midnight next Saturday (July 17). You can leave as many comments as you like throughout the week but they have to be pertinent – anyone caught spamming will be penalised! Good luck – can’t wait to see those comments!

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