Minigarb makes kids artwork tee-riffic!

Minigarb children's wearable artwork

Minigarb children's artwork clothing

Are the walls and the fridge door getting a bit crowded at your place? You need somewhere else to keep all the mini masterpieces that prolific little artists produce.

Options for preserving kids artwork have increased enormously over the last few years (with custom art books and wall canvases to name just two) and here is another great one.

Minigarb lets your kids design their own t-shirts, or at least put a picture of their choosing right on the front. The mums who run Minigarb say that the best design results will come from line drawings in texta, with minimal scribbling or colouring in, but they are happy to have a go with “anything that will fit under a scanner”.

The t-shirts are an organic range and prices for children’s tees start at $20. If you are proud as punch about the new drawing and want to show it off too, they now also have adult sizes, priced from $30. Minigarb does discounts for bulk orders and are happy to work with you on fundraising as well. You can check out all the options and order your tees direct from Minigarb.

Let’s face it – a great picture plastered across your chest is even cooler than pride of place on the fridge. In fact, your new problem might be they never want to take it off. Better get two.

Minigarb children's wearable artwork

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