Minecraft gets its first female character

minecraft cover

Just wait until you relay this news to the kids – Mojang has finally released a female character for its widely popular Minecraft game. And she’s a fiery redhead sure to give Steve a run for his money.

Starting this week, all Minecrafters will be able to bring some girl power to the Minecraft madness with the game’s first female skin, Alex. Alex is sure to be a hit with all the many, many girls who like this game, but would prefer not to play as a boy.

Mojang assures us that Alex will be just as awesome with a pick-axe as Steve and will be equally fiesty in defending against the Endermen and manipulating redstone. But don’t expect a Lego Friends-like makeover. We’re happy to report that Alex won’t look much different to her counterpart – Minecraft only works in eight pixels after all – but will rock a long red ponytail and have a slightly more slender figure. And she won’t wear a blue shirt. She dons green.

Alex is a free option on PS and Xbox gaming consoles. In the future, she will be on the updated Minecraft PE as well.

Have your children been sucked into the world of Minecraft yet?

(via Mojang)

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