Minbie – the bottle teat that nurtures baby’s instinctive breastfeeding technique


After more than a decade of research and development in Australia, the bottle teat that is set to revolutionise bottle feeding has finally hit the market. It’s the teat that helps newborns practice their instinctive breastfeeding technique, and avoid nipple confusion. We are bursting to tell you about Minbie.

It’s taken thirteen years, but one of the most innovative bottle teats ever designed is finally available. Developed in Australia, Minbie’s range of soft silicone teats have taken into account some of the most extensive research on how babies breastfeed, and created the ultimate teat, to work in conjunction with breastfeeding.

Most mums who have breastfed know the initial journey can be a bumpy one. Not only are we learning as mothers, but our babies are learning to feed. The Minbie teats nurtures a newborn’s instinctive latch and feeding action. This can be of particular importance for premature babies, or women with newborns who are struggling to latch on.

The Minbie teats also help support a newborn’s digestion, with every contour designed to support a baby’s instinctive and naturally best feeding technique.


The teats range in size from premature to six months plus, with flow rates to suit different feeding stages. Australian mums who have trialled the teats have reported some really encouraging results in their feeding journeys:

My little girl Marley was bottle feed for the first three weeks as she wouldn’t latch on to the breast, to get her back onto the breast I changed to using Minbie teats and within a week she was beginning to latch on. The product is great and still today we alternatively use bottles and breast and I have no problem with her latching on – Hayley.

It was magic! My breastfed son suddenly decided not to take expressed milk from a bottle so I was trapped at home! We tried lots of different teats and he kept pushing them out of his mouth. He took the Minbie teat beautifully so now my husband can feed him too! I will certainly be letting other mums know about Minbie! – Melissa.

Was very happy being able to switch from breast to bottle and back again without nipple confusion. – Amanda.

Minbie has already attracted the international Good Design Category Award for Baby and Toddler 2014, and the Victorian Premier’s Design Award 2014, as it creates a new landscape for supporting breast and bottle feeding mums. The teats and bottles are available for purchase directly from Minbie, with a two pack of the BPA-free teats costing $18.99.


(This post is sponsored by Minbie)

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