Milk & Masuki – organic baby basics with incredible style

Milk and Masuki, dribble bib

Milk and Masuki, dribble bib

One of the best things about writing for Babyology is getting to celebrate all of the amazing Australian designers. There is so much talent in our little chunk of the world and this brand is one of the front-runners, in my humble opinion.

I’m used to great collections by Milk & Masuki, but still made happy sounds when I opened the images from their latest range. Seriously, so so so cute.



If you like penguins, icebergs, whales and foxes then you will probably be digging this new collection too. Everything is made with organic cotton, everything is designed in house and  everything is gorgeous. My personal favourites are the dribble bibs, They wash really well and are not too bulky. The fact that the all-in-one suits have zippers rather than buttons makes them a pretty close second place. Seriously, who wants to wrestle with buttons in the middle of the night? They also make blankets, wraps, t-shirts and both long and short onesies.

Milk and Masuki, organic, baby, blankets

Now in the interest of full disclosure I have to tell you that my little man wears quite a bit of Milk & Masuki so I may be slightly biased. But the up side, I can personally vouch for the softness, cute factor and quality of the clothing. The seams of some pants from their last range were seriously tested when I kept squeezing my festive-and-clearly-not-a-size-000-anymore bub into them long after I should have moved on (they were just so cute though) and they never once split. If you had seen his thighs you would be pretty impressed right now. Prices start at $16 and shipping is free within Australia when you spend more than $50.

Milk and Masuki, penguin onesie

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