The unconventional milestones all mums should be celebrating

Baby milestones can easily become an obsession when you are a new parent, especially when you get together with other new parents. While keeping track of when your baby first smiled, laughed, crawled, walked, ate Nutella and peed on the toilet are important, we think the not-so-celebrated “mummy” moments are also worth  commemorating.

The first time your baby does a number three in public or the moment when you manage to master the perfect swaddle may not be the most conventional reasons to celebrate, but when you’re a new mum, these momentous occasions are certainly worth a mention.

mum milestone cards 5

And we’re not the only ones who think so.

After noticing that there were plenty of baby milestone cards on the market, celebrating every single occasion in a baby’s first year of life, two mums from Sydney decided that mums shouldn’t be left out.

And thus, Becky Feiner and Esti Zilber designed their clever and creative Mum’s Milestones Cards – a pack of 25 photo cards that celebrates the many milestones a mother reaches in her own turbulent journey.

mum milestone cards 3

The cards, which feature funny and relatable stepping stones on the parenting journey, delve into the world of sleepless nights and coffee-fuelled days that often mark the first year as a mum.

mum milestone cards 4

And, while we absolutely adore their milestones, we think there are a few more parenting milestone cards that should come to fruition.

  •  My child projectile vomited in public.
  • Today I had a glass of wine without having to time it with a feed.
  • I went to the shops alone (but still parked in the ‘pram parking’ area).
  • I did absolutely nothing but sit in a rocking chair and rock my baby back and forth (and I’m not even sorry).
  • I only heated up my coffee three times in the microwave.
  • I slept for five hours in one go.

mum milestone cards 1

  • I made it through the day without losing a single dummy.
  • I was able to sleep in my own bed without anyone touching me.
  • Today my breasts only leaked through five t-shirts.
  • There was no dirty laundry for a whole 15 seconds.
  • I watched something on television that wasn’t animated.
  • I managed to sneak out of my baby’s room without waking him or making the floor creak.

mum milestone cards 2

You can pick up your own pack at Mum’s Milestones for $24.95 with a portion of the sale going to PANDA: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia.

What “mummy milestones” are we missing? Make sure you check out the 50 greatest moments in motherhood for more milestones that make being a mum the best job in the world.

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